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2016 Edition


1.  Introductory Explanation:
In the modern world, with constant technology improvements, the artistic expression itself is constantly changing, and the modern means of communication enable practically anyone to try their photography and video making skills in the role of amateurs.
Many, inspired by their current moods, spontaneously take photos and record videos, but just a few get involved in comprehensive preparations.
ISFAV (Istituo di fotografia e arti visive di Padova), in cooperation with the Batana Centre of Visual Arts in Rovinj, sponsored by the City of Rovinj and the Rovinj Tourist Association, and supported by MAISTRA, is announcing the second edition of the contest entitled ROVINJ PHOTO-STORY to animate the broader audience and get it interested in a certain photography and video technology used to create not just regular shots, but an entire narrative story.

2. Goals:
The goal of the contest is to stimulate photographers and video makers, amateurs and beginners who use mobile means of communication (mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, etc.) to observe Rovinj and to create a picturesque story of the city’s spirit using their own styles. It can be city architecture or surrounding landscapes, characteristics or way of life of some associations or groups of interest, some family or an individual living here, some vocation, places where young people hang out, some initiative or a specific event, experience gained during a special vacation in Rovinj…

The participants can decide themselves what story they want to tell and how they want to do it.
Participation in the contest is simple and free.

3. Contest Categories:
The contestants create a story on the topic of Rovinj and choose motives according to their own preferences.

    A series of at least 4 PHOTOGRAPHS (10 for the most) with a title and descriptive signatures of the photos.    
    The elaborate must be published on the contestant’s personal Facebook or Instagram profile with a hashtag #rovinjstory16; or sent to the following e-mail:, or delivered in person
    to the secretariat of the contest.
    A short AUDIO-VISUAL RECORDING that can last up to 3 minutes with a title.
    The elaborate must be published on the contestant’s personal Facebook or Instagram profile with a hashtag #rovinjstory16; or sent to the following e-mail:, or delivered in person to the secretariat of the contest.

4. Contestants:
Contestants may enter the contest either individually or in a group using any photographic or recording device, including mobile phones, smartphones, tablets etc.

5. Deadline for Submitting the Works:
The works must be submitted by Nov. 30th, 2016.

6.  Judges:
The works will be judged by a commission whose members are professional photographers and cameramen. 

7.  Awards:
The awards for the winners in the “Photography“ and “Audio-visual Recording“ categories are the following: two (2) overnight stays (with breakfast) for two (2) persons in a room with two beds in the Istra Hotel on the Island of St. Andrew between April 15th – May 30th, 2017 or Sep. 15th – Oct. 15th, 2017. The available capacities must be checked in advance.

8.  Announcement of Winners:
The awarded works and those that stand out will be published on the web pages of Batana Centre of Visual Arts in Rovinj (, ISFAV in Padova (, the City of Rovinj ( and the Tourist Association of Rovinj (

9. Terms of Contest Participation:
Each participant who publishes his/her work implicitly declares himself/herself as the author and reserves all rights.
Thereby, each participant releases the Organizer from all liabilities to third parties related to the rights of individuals presented and all other rights related to the published works.
Each participant allows the Organizer to use his/her personal data for the purpose of advertising the contest.
The participants are not entitled to any type of compensation from the Organizer for possible exhibitions or publication of their works. 
The Organizer is not obligated to exhibit or publish the works, partially or in its entirety. 

10. Accepting the Terms of the Contest:
By sending his/her works, each contestant accepts the terms of this contest, including the terms under Item 9.

The Secretariat of the Contest entitled ROVINJ PHOTO-STORY
Batana Centre of Visual Arts
Trg brodogradilišta 2   52210 Rovinj-Rovigno
e-mail:    Tel: +385 52 830 711
Mr. Ermano Bančić   Tel: + 385 98 660 357


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